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hppicThe North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association, Inc. was formed by a group of small grain producers and agri-business representatives from across the state on July 24, 1986. The Association is a nonprofit corporation formed to encourage, promote and develop more efficient and effective small grain marketing and production and to participate in all matters relative to the interests of small grain producers.


Goals & Objectives

  • Enhance opportunity for profit
  • Solve production problems and improve yields
  • Improve Marketing opportunities
  • Find new markets and uses for small grains
  • Support research and extension services
  • Develop strong leaders to speak for Small Grains
  • Work with programs to protect our environment and conserve natural resources
  • Provide quality products to consumers


Financial Support

Primarily growers through a self-assessment or self-help program support financial business and activities of the North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association. The assessment approved by North Carolina Farmers is $.005 of total money collected on Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley, Canola and Grain Sorghum.  These funds are collected by the first market grain elevator and sent to North Carolina Department of Agriculture where they deposit in our association bank account. Collection of the assessment is made by first-market handlers and grain buyers, remitted to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, and deposited for use by the Association. All other classes of membership pay dues. Business and activities of the North Carolina Small Grain Grower Association are supervised by a Board of Directors elected by geographical distribution within the state, production volume and agribusiness interest.


Assessment Referendum

The Assessment Referendum is voted on every 6 years by North Carolina farmers that grow small grains (wheat, oats, rye, barley, grain sorghum and canola/rape seed). The farmer must be 18 years or older on or before the assessment voting date in order to vote.  It is important for the small grain growers of North Carolina to support the assessment referendum in order to continue the work of the association in Grower Education, Research, Marketing, Administration and enhancing ways to grow small grain more profitable for farmers in North Carolina. Below are a few more reasons why the assessment referendum is so important to the North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association:

  •  Mission – “Providing Positive Change for Small Grain Growers” since July 1986. (27 years)
  •  Revenues collected are spent for Research, Education, Promotion and Marketing for the Small Grain Industry.
  •  Support for FFA, 4-H and National Wheat Growers Associations
  • Programs include promotion through Extension/ School Systems teaching young people importance of Agriculture and where their food is produced.
  • Demonstrations at Farm Shows and Community Ag Awareness Programs stress importance of the farmers in providing food and fiber for our nation/world.
  • Field days are held in five areas of the state for demonstrating our research applicable to those different areas.
  • We have 20 districts (based on acreage) in the state represented on our Board of Directors.   There are also 4 Agribusiness persons which serve on our board.  Copies of our financial statement are distributed each year at our annual meeting during the Joint Conference and are available at our office located 3822 Bland Road, Raleigh, NC 27609, 919-809-8657.
  • Rate of Assessment is .005 of total money farmer receives.



Membership in the North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association is composed of three classes:

  • Small Grain Producers in North Carolina
  • Associate members who represent the small grain agribusiness industry as individuals and professional agricultural workers
  • Supporting member companies who represent the small grain agribusiness industry




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