The North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association strives to meet the needs of all our members with quality research projects located throughout the state.  With grower assessment dollars the Association funds research projects each year with NC State University and USDA/ARS to find solutions to help farmers have the best crop possible. Typically the research is showcased at our Small Grain Field Days; the reports can also be downloaded in the links below.

2020-21 Spreadsheet Summary of Amount Funded

2019-20 Research Projects:

2019-20 Spreadsheet Summary of Amount Funded

Small Grains Problem Diagnosis for Cooperative Extension Agents

Small Grain Variety and Germplasm Development

Identifying Management Practices for Increasing Kernel Number in Soft Winter Wheat

Large-scale Examination of Variety-specific Responses to Multiple Nitrogen Treatment Levels

Small Grains Extension Outreach Program

Italian Ryegrass Germination Biology and Methods of Control

Partial Technical Salary Support

Small Grains Field Days, Extension Assistant, Data Collection, & Harvest Support

Hot Topic Video Education Series for NC Grain Producers

Increased Evaluation of Malting Barley Breeding Lines and Varieties in NC

Improving Small-Grain Disease Management in North Carolina

Dealing with Don in Wheat

Scouting for Freeze Injury in Winter Wheat